Hiljainen yin ja äänimaljat / Silent Yin and Singing Bowls

Fridays 22 Sep, 20 Oct & 24 Nov at 19-20.30 at Joogakerttuli

Silent Yin Yoga is a minimalistic and meditative practice done in silence. You´ll be guided in the asanas with simple instructions and the ancient sound of singing bowls.

This practice will give you an opportunity to dive more deeply into your practice, witness the ongoing processes in your body and mind and seek for stillness within.

This practice is suitable for you if you are already familiar with the Yin practice (you have tried Yin Yoga at least once). The class will end in a 15-minute singing bowl relaxation.

Book your spot at www.varaaheti.fi/joogakerttuli

You are warmly welcome.